President Tim McCall opened the meeting at 12:15 and acknowledged the fine work that Team Spiller did to assist. We had one visiting Rotarian, Rosanne Kilpatrick, from the 49er club and two guests of Rotarians. Carol Lenhard introduced Dean Pitts and Judy Hess introduced the winner of the ball drop, her granddaughter Presley Newsom.

President Tim also introduced our District Governor Sam (Woody) Woodbanks and District Governor-elect Vicki Pruitt. How nice it was to have our own Past District Governor Wyn Spiller present. David Peeler was presented with his pin for 3 years perfect attendance and Steve Sauer was recognized for his efforts heading up the ball drop and presented Presley with a check for $1000.
Bobbie Swanson thanked Larry Faller for his help in transporting RYE students and also pitched the need for raising funds for RYE. A fundraiser will be held t Nevada City Winery. President Tim also thanked Jon Byerrum for his efforts during the Foundation drive.

It was brought to light that Don Daniels is doing better after is hammock broke and he fell on his you know what. It is said he ascertained a wound. Chuck Elizondo is doing well after his recent surgery.


President Tim fined himself $25 for missing the Foundation dinner and fined Bob Long for not showing up at his shift to sell Ball Drop tickers. District Governor Woody recognized Paul Harris Elite members: Wyn and Steve Spiller; Anita and Don Daniels; Rod and Susan Fivelstad; Chuck Elizondo and Paul Rohrer for going above and beyond in their giving. He said the Foundation brings hope worldwide and makes the impossible possible. He then presented the Silent Rotarian award to Marcia Salter for her outstanding service above self and dedication to the club. Woody also recognized Rotarians who go beyond the club level and work at the District level: Wyn and Steve Spiller; Anita and Don Daniels; Bobbie Swanson, Blake Smith, Scott Spencer and Rod Fivelstad.

A little history of Rotary and particularly Grass Valley Rotary was given aloud with kudos for all the fine programs with which we have been involved. Mike Johnson played such a big role with RYLA and his efforts will not be forgotten.
The Foundations' foreign projects help build peace among nations and meet critical needs at the same time "when you change a life, that life changes others and good spreads". Peace is the theme for this year and Polio Plus helps bring peace and comfort around the world. India was declared polio free on Feb 28, which is Rotary's birthday.

Woody talked about his personal involvement with Rotary and how he became interested. He then told a story of how our Rotary International President, Mr. Tanaka, became involved. Stories such as these are prevalent throughout Rotary. Membership continues to be of importance and through the Ignite Program, it is hoped that North American will turn around and gain more members.

President Tim presented Woody with a gift and then we had a raffle drawing, which Lori Burkhart Frank won, but drew a white marble.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:25pm