April 2, 2012



To:  All District 5190 Rotarians

From:  Rotary Club of Grass Valley

Subject:  Mike Johnson – request for financial help with transporting him home from Puerto Rico


Many of you know Mike Johnson.  He’s the guy that gives and gives of his time to help the youth in our district, be it RYLA, RYE, or his latest endeavor, REGLE.  As a District Leader in New Generations, Mike has played an integral part in the many projects of our youth in District 5190.

Mike and his wife Kath departed in mid-February on a cruise of the Caribbean Islands.  A couple days into the trip Mike became very ill, and had to be transported to a hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico with a kidney disorder.  This ailment has since healed, but now he’s facing the fight of his life as he’s developed a staph infection in his spine. 

He needs to come home right away to be treated by specialists in a California hospital.  It’s now a life and death situation.  Trouble is, even with insurance coverage, the medical transport must be paid in advance.    The Rotarians of the RC of Grass Valley have pledged $3000 towards that cost, but the whole cost could be as much as $45,000 to $70,000.

If any of his fellow Rotarians in District 5190 can pledge financial support, please send funds in any amount to Rotary Club of Grass Valley, P. O. Box 1213, Grass Valley, Ca 95945.   As time is of the essence, you can also contact me at work at 530-274-4940 for wiring instructions to the Rotary Club of Grass Valley’s checking account.

Anita Daniels


Rotary Club of Grass Valley