Our club has a new and unique fundraising opportunity!   No events to
hold, no tickets to sell, no auction items to round up - just enjoy a
"night on the town".  Every time a club member or a friend or
relative anywhere in the United States purchases a $25.00 "package"
through our club's fundraising web site, our club earns $8.75.  The
"package" contains a $25.00 certificate for any one of over 18,000
restaurants nationwide (several here in the Grass Valley area), a
movie theater ticket, and 30 minutes of personal assistant time
(could be the most valuable component).
There is a web site that has a "program overview" link (near the
bottom of the home page), and that site is at:
Our club's fundraiser web site is already set-up, and is currently active.  It's at:


You can actually test this out by visiting the site and purchasing a "package".