Carol Lenhard welcomed fellow Rotarians as this afternoon’s Greeter. President Tim called the meeting to order and Morgan Stoltz led the club in the pledge of Allegiance.  Bill Schultz volunteered to lead the invocation. Thanks Bill. 

Visiting Rotarians: Dave Walker from Penn Valley Image

Chuck Elizondo had the honor of recognizing Al Alstrand. Al has been a member of the Grass Valley Rotary since November 1975 and just celebrated his 56th wedding anniversary. Al is a six time Paul Harris Fellow and served as the Club President in 1988 and 1989. He led the club during a very challenging time in our community, just following the 49er Fire. He led the “Green Again” campaign to reforest the area after the fire. Al was also the founder of the Early Risers Toastmasters. 


 Al Alstrand addresses the GV Rotary Club   

Sandra Berrington was inducted as a new member into the club. She is sponsored by Judy Bagley and represents a non-profit agency in our area 


 Sandra Berrington receives her Rotary pin from Judy Bagley








  • Demi Segezzi, the daughter of past Rotary member Greg Seghezzi, is sponsoring a fundraiser to raise funds for her father’s memorial scholarship. The dinner will be held on April 5th, at Calvary Bible Church. Tickets are $20. The money from this fundraiser will provide a scholarship for a senior at Nevada Union High School who recently lost a parent.
  • Scott Spencer spoke about the upcoming Rotary at Work Day. Last year our local Rotarians received the Merrill Award, which was a significant honor.  This year the Work Day is scheduled for May 4th. Nine projects have been identified so far. A big round of applause for Scott Spencer for all his efforts.
  • Jan Friend announced the area speech contest, which will be held on April 3rd at the Grass Valley Methodist Church. The winner will go on to the district competition in Sparks, Nevada. 
  • On April 7th, a fundraiser will be held for Scott Robertson's son, Daniel, who was inured in a motorcycle accident.
  • The Music Contest will be held on April 7th, at 2:00, at the 7th Day Adventist Church
  • CORE is honoring Bill Schultz on April 13th.
  • The fireside chat was moved from Thursday, March 28th to Wednesday March 27th, at 5:30, at the Nevada City Winery.
  • Eric Fredrickson, announced that he bought a new motorcycle, he was fined $25.00


Our presenters this afternoon were Michael Ertola, the Nevada County Chief Probation Officer and Pam LaFountain, the Supervising Probation Officer.  Pam presented information regarding AB 109 and what it means to Nevada County. This new policy, implemented in October 2011, released approximately 30,000 inmates in California to local county jails and probation departments.

Since this new program was implemented in Nevada County, only 1 out of 71 inmates have been sent back to state prison in Nevada County. Nevada County is "Special". We are very low in sending people to prison. The low level offenders have been successful.

Probation is required to use research-based practices. Supervision and Treatment is a two-pronged approach that is being utilized. Flash Incarcerations is used to provide immediate consequences up to 10 days in custody. Revocation is another consequence and this places probation violators into custody for 180 days for more severe violations. 

This is having a huge impact on our local jail. The jail has taken over parole violations. The maximum jail population is 250 inmates. The following modalities are used for treatment: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which uses Interactive Journaling.  Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) is also used. This therapy focuses on the clients thought process. 

Where Probation needs support: Housing, Employment, and Pro Social Connections.

The goal is to slowly release the parolees back into society. Currently using CORE for transitional housing. There is no data that says that AB 109 has increased crime in Nevada County. Prop 30 has secured funding for this program. Looking at hiring staff the first time in six years. 

Thanks to Pam for providing such an informative presentation.

Following the presentation, President Tim conducted the Raffle. Rod Fivelstad's ticket was drawn, but unfortunately he drew the white marble.

President Tim closed the meeting.