Steve Sarantopolous opened the meeting with a suggestion that our missing President was in a place deserving of a fine. The place and fine amount were not disclosed. Nate Beason was introduced as a visiting Rotarian. There were no guests. Anita Daniels was presented the attendance award for 11 years of perfect attendance. Scott Spencer expressed his satisfaction with club participation with the fairground project on May 4 and requested that we bring tools. Anita mentioned that 150 Bras were brought to district assembly. At least one high ranking official tested the bras on stage to ensure quality. Rod Fivelstad announced that cases of Polio have dropped from 350,000 cases per year in 1988 to 18 per year. Lee Osnas announced that he sold his dental practice last Friday and Lori Burkhardt-Frank suggested that we move our Rotary meetings to a cruise ship after attending another Rotary Meeting on her cruise ship. Kyle Daugherty bragged about his high score when competing with other Rotarians at a recent fundraiser. Kathy Egenes suggested members could hone their bowling skills for next year at home on her Wii console during bocce ball practice.

Eric Trygg introduced our fellow Rotarian Sandra Barrington. Sandra currently works as a fund raiser for the hospital foundation. SheImage and her husband own an 8 year old Chesapeake terrier. She graduated from Chico State and loves the outdoors. Sandra’s experience in fundraising goes wayback to her early days organizing parties with her sister at her parents’ house when they were away. 

Bob LoImageng  graduated from USF. Bob signed up from combat arms which as he described gave he and his men an opportunity to shoot at the enemy flag for practice. Bob met his wife six months after he returned from Vietnam. He has two sons and a daughter. Bob moved to Grass Valley to work with CHW’s outpatients practice. 

Bill Schultz gave Kathy Egenes a ticket for the raffle. Turns out it was Tom Stanley's ticket.  She drew the white marble and Tom got to keep the table winnings.


Grass Valley Rotarians painting the lobby of GV Police Department on April 27, 2013